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19:30, Tuesday 1st May 2018

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20:00, Tuesday 1st May 2018
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Full Council Meeting
20:30, Tuesday 1st May 2018
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Planning Committee Meeting
19:30, Monday 14th May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting
20:00, Monday 14th May 2018

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Draft Minutes Planning Committee Meeting 16 April 2018

19:30, Monday 16th April 2018
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Draft Open Spaces Committee Minutes 12 March 2018

20:00, Monday 12th March 2018
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Full Council Minutes 6 March 2018

20:00, Tuesday 6th March 2018
Published on Thu 5th April 2018 Signed Minutes

Minutes Planning Committee Meeting 12 March 2018

19:30, Monday 12th March 2018
Published on Tue 13th March 2018 Signed Minutes

Modernising local government announcement

Published on Mon 12th March 2018 Parish Council, Community News

You may have already heard that the Secretary of State, Sajid Javid, has announced that he is “minded to” implement Buckinghamshire County Council’s proposal to replace the existing five councils in Bucks with a single county-wide unitary. The “minded to” decision is not set in stone and we will be making the strongest possible representations to the Secretary of State that this decision is not the right one. We don’t believe that this decision is in the best interest of our local residents, businesses, community groups, parish councils and various other stakeholders in the county and we don’t believe it has strong local support. We are extremely disappointed with this decision and we appreciate that you will have a lot of questions about what this could mean for your council going forward. We will be happy to answer those questions during the clerks’ meeting on 22 March – and you are welcome to extend the invitation to members of your council to come along as well. And of course we will write to you as soon as we have any further updates on the next steps. Please find below the text of the written government statement: “My Rt Hon. Friend, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (Sajid Javid) has today made the following Written Ministerial Statement. “I am today announcing how I am minded to proceed in response to the locally-led proposals that I have received for improving local government in Buckinghamshire. Currently in the administrative county of Buckinghamshire, there is a two-tier structure of Buckinghamshire County Council and the district councils of Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, High Wycombe, and South Bucks. “There is broad local consent for change in Buckinghamshire, though there have been two alternative approaches for how precisely it should be configured. In September 2016 and January 2017, I received locally-led proposals for replacing the current structure, in one case with a single new unitary council and in the other case with two new unitary councils – one for the area of Aylesbury Vale and the other for the remainder of the current county area. “Having carefully considered all the material and representations I have received, I am minded to implement, subject to Parliamentary approval and further discussions, the locally-led proposal to replace the existing five councils across Buckinghamshire with a single council for the area. “I am satisfied that this new single council, if established, is likely to improve local government and service delivery in the county, generating savings, increasing financial resilience, facilitating a more strategic and holistic approach to planning and housing challenges, and sustaining good local services. I am also satisfied that across Buckinghamshire as a whole there is a good deal of local support for this new council, and that the area of the council represents a credible geography. “Whereas, I am equally satisfied that establishing two councils for the current county area is unlikely to improve local government in the area, generate significant savings, or provide the capacity to sustain major services or to address planning and housing challenges. I believe the areas of the two councils would not represent a credible geography or clear local identity, and that there is significantly less local support for two councils than for a single council. Accordingly, I am not minded to proceed with the proposal for establishing two councils. “Notwithstanding, I am clear that in relation to establishing a single council further steps are needed to secure local consent amongst the local partners, and I hope this ‘minded to’ announcement will facilitate the necessary discussions to deliver this local agreement. “Before I take my final decision, there is now a period until 25 May 2018 during which those interested may make further representations to me, including that if a proposal is implemented it is with suggested modifications. The final decision would also be subject to Parliamentary approval.” Kind regards Catherine Spalton Corporate Communications Team Leader

Modernising Local Government in Buckinghamshire

Published on Mon 12th March 2018 Parish Council, Community News

As you will be aware, in autumn 2016 the County Council submitted an independently-verified business case to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to abolish the ‘two tier’ system of county and district councils, and create a new, single council for Buckinghamshire. The district councils then proposed a different option to MHCLG: two new unitary councils, one for the north of the county, and one for the south. I am pleased to confirm that the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), Sajid Javid, has now announced that he is ‘minded to’ implement, subject to Parliamentary approval and further discussions, the locally-led proposal to replace the existing five councils across Buckinghamshire with a single council for the area. The move to a single unitary council will bring improved and simplified services for local residents, and place more control and decision-making in the hands of town and parish councils and local communities. Our proposal has localism at its heart, with plans for: • A flexible partnership offer that reflects the differing sizes, geographies and resources of parish and town councils, while enabling further devolution, much more local decision-making and the ability to respond to different community needs. • Greater choice and control over local assets and service delivery: increased opportunities to transfer assets and services to those parish and town councils who want them - backed up by a package of funding and support to allow this to be sustainable and successful. • Putting real decision-making power in the hands of local people: a new network of community boards with powers and budget to take decisions for local areas, providing greater scope to represent residents in decision-making on the future of local services. The presumption is that decisions should be taken as locally as possible, with fewer layers of bureaucracy and an end to the tensions between two tier councils. Town and parish councils play a critical role in supporting local communities to thrive and will be key partners to the new unitary council in all aspects of its work. We are very grateful for the views and contributions to the debate that you have provided so far, and look forward to continuing our discussions to develop the detail of the future approach. We have already been working with a reference group of parish and town councils for some initial advice and input on the next phase and will come back to you all about opportunities for further engagement in due course. In terms of next steps on the ‘minded to’ decision, there will now be a period of ten weeks to allow local residents and stakeholders to submit representations and feedback to MHCLG (by 25 May). Following this, MHCLG will reflect on the views received before the Secretary of State announces his final decision. There will also need to be a process to seek parliamentary approval before beginning to implement the changes. MHCLG would welcome views from local partners and residents during the representation period. I would therefore encourage you to write in to provide your views. Contact details are: sajid.javid@communities.gsi.gov.uk You can also find details on the County Council’s proposal for a new, single unitary council at www.futurebucks.co.uk Martin Tett Leader, Buckinghamshire County Council

Minutes Planning Committee Meeting 6 March 2018

19:30, Tuesday 6th March 2018
Published on Wed 7th March 2018 Signed Minutes

Hazlemere Fete 27 August 2018 12.00 - 17.00 Hazlemere Community Centre

Published on Mon 5th March 2018 Community News

After a record breaking year in 2017 we are planning: Two bars, over 1,500 food servings, Tea, Coffee and other refreshments Fun Dog Show, Exhibitions, Classic Cars and Bikes Penalty Shoot Out, Meet the Alpacas, Elvis Inpersonator, and Jazz entertainment. Funfair, Children's entertainment, Punch and Judy, Kids ‘n’ Karts Become a Fête Sponsor: From £250 your organisation will get:- a) a full page full colour advert in the brochure; b) you will be listed separately as a sponsor in the Fete brochure distributed in advance c) the inclusion of your name on a banner at the Fete entrance; d) announcements at the Fête over the Public Address. Other options for sponsorship available, please discuss with Fete Chairman (Ray) or PR Manager (Bob). Rates for brochure adverts, stalls and events: Brochure – 8,000 copies will be printed and distributed in advance to properties in Hazlemere, Tylers Green, Widmer End, Holmer Green and Penn. Distribution during first 2 weeks of August or earlier. In full colour with a planned 96 pages. A5 format pdf or jpeg please. Full page £80 (portrait) Half page £45 (landscape) Quarter page £24(portrait) Pay in advance. VAT not applicable Rates for back cover and selected inside pages are negotiable above the basic rates. Final copy of advert required by 31st May 2018. Sooner if possible. Stalls and Events (per pitch) Charity rate - £25 VAT not applicable Commercial rate £30 Special rates for food and drink stalls. One 5/6ft table supplied on request at no additional cost (subject to negotiation and availability). Some stalls may be positioned in marquees, but space available is limited. For your reservation, call Ray on 01494 813000 or E mail: penn.consult@btinternet.com Good causes supported in 2017: £3,819 distributed to 12 good causes. See the Hazlemere Fete web site for further details http://www.bucksvoice.net/hazlemere-fete/

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