The Dell Allotments

Parish Councils have an obligation to provide an allotment site if there is a demand by 10 or more residents. The Parish Council identified the site adjacent to the Parish Office at The Dell as suitable for allotments. This site is owned and maintained by the Parish Council.

There are now over 14 plots and a waiting list. Hazlemere residents have priority to have an allotment over non-residents.

Members of the Public are very welcome to add names to the waiting list by emailing the Clerk's Assistant at giving your name, full address and phone number. An acknowledgement will be sent confirming that your name has been added to the list.

The Hazlemere Parish Council's Allotment rules are reviewed annually; the allotment tenancy agreement is available on this page.

An annual allotment competition takes place in the summer, judging is undertaken by Councillors and a presentation is given to the winners at the Autumn Meeting of the Council.

During 2013 some improvement work has been undertaken on the site by the Parish Council by reducing the height of the trees next to the Play Ground in The Dell.