Bucks County Council Pothole Reporting

Published on Wed 17th January 2018 Parish Council, Community News

This winter’s weather has been tough on Buckinghamshire’s roads – while the heavy snowfall in December was the most remarkable weather event, the worst conditions for roads are actually when the ground temperature fluctuates constantly between just above and just below zero. Pothole formation is accelerated by this ‘freeze-thaw’ effect, whereby moisture gets into small cracks in the the road surface and expands when it freezes, then thaws out when the temperature rises. This process repeats until the road surface begins to break up and potholes are formed.

Chilterns Survey and Chilterns AONB Management Plan Review

Published on Mon 8th January 2018 Community News

The Chiltern Conservation Board is launching a survey on the Chilterns. It would like to hear from local organisations and members of the public about what they value about the Chilterns, what their concerns are and what the priorities should be for the future.

Bucks County Council - Collective Energy Switching Scheme

Published on Thu 4th January 2018 Parish Council, Community News

Information from Bucks County Council on their Collective Energy Switching Scheme

Hazlemere Fete 2018 Appeal for Helpers PLEASE

Published on Wed 29th November 2017 Community News

The 2017 (157th) Hazlemere Fete was considered to be a great success, helped partly by the excellent weather and a number of records were broken: – the 2017 Fete achieved the biggest attendance ever – with a record 115 stalls, events and attractions --although one aim of the Fete is to enable stallholders to make money, the Fete itself achieved a record gross income of over £13,000. After expenses this enabled the Fete Committee to distribute almost £4,000 to 12 good causes. See the Fete website for full details (search “Hazlemere Fete”) – 7,000 96 page brochures were distributed to local households by 42 volunteers. – 24 sign boards / banners were erected and 55,000 flyers delivered by a local Estate Agent – around 1,200 Food servings were made on the day

Hazlemere Fete 2018 How is it Helping Charities?

Published on Wed 29th November 2017 Community News

Good question! And the answer is….that isn’t the bit that helps the good causes. The help is two fold - It is the profit that can be carved up that helps them and you have to speculate to accumulate as they say. This year that amounted to 31% of turnover, a figure that many businesses can only dream of.

Prevention Matters

Published on Thu 26th October 2017 Community News

Prevention Matters is a free and friendly advice service linking eligible adults (over 18) in Buckinghamshire to social activities, volunteers and community services. It is delivered by Buckinghamshire County Council through a partnership of organisations, including the NHS, District Councils and a variety of voluntary and community sector organisations. Prevention Matters can support you in regaining your confidence, independence and getting out and about if, for any of the following reasons, you are: Struggling to remain independent in your own house Having difficulty getting out and about Feeling lonely and isolated Feeling anxious or lacking confidence Recovering from an illness The service will help you find social activities, volunteers and community services in your area. Please see the link below for more details:

Hazlemere Parish Council has applied to DCLG to seek the approval from the Secretary of State for Communities to apply for a SALIX Finance Ltd loan

Published on Mon 11th September 2017 Parish Council, Public Consultations, Community News

Hazlemere Parish Council has applied to the Department of Community and Local Government (DCLG) to seek the approval from the Secretary of State for Communities to apply for a SALIX Finance Ltd loan of £12,200 of up to 4 years to replace the 125 street lights with LED over a 4 year period to improve the street lighting. The annual repayments for the loan will come to around (£3,050). The Council wishes to seek your views and opinions on this matter if you have any.

Road Maintenance in Hazlemere and Surrounding Areas

Published on Fri 1st September 2017 Parish Council, Community News

Watchet Lane/Sawpit Hill, Holmer Green – Beech Tree Road to Holmer Green Road (07/09/17 to 08/09/2017) Night time resurfacing works using a night time road closure between 19:00 and 06:00hrs. Sawpit Hill/Holmer Green Road, Holmer Green - Roundabout at junction with Western Dene (09/09/17 to 11/09/17) **weekend working** Resurfacing works using a 24 hour road closure from 06:00 on the 9 September up to 06:00 on the 11 September. Temporary traffic signals will also be in use throughout this period to allow limited use of the roundabout whilst the new surfacing treatment is curing.

Dog Bin Collection

Published on Thu 31st August 2017 Parish Council, Community News

Please be advised that this week's scheduled collection has regrettably been delayed by the Parish Council's Contractor. The Contractor will be returning to the area on Friday 1 September 2017 to complete the emptying of the remaining 17 bins.