Buckinghamshire Council sets its sights on Covid recovery by proposing “best in class” devolution bid

Buckinghamshire Council intends to submit a strong, compelling and best in class devolution proposal to Government, just five months after becoming the UK’s newest unitary authority.

The proposal, which is subject to being approved by the council’s Cabinet when it meets next month, demonstrates both the ambition and the potential of the new Buckinghamshire Council which was launched on 1 April 2020.

The new council geographically aligns with the Local Enterprise Partnership, strategic NHS partners, business representative organisations and the voluntary and community sector. Working together with these partners, the council is now finalising an ambitious proposal that could not only benefit the economic and social revival of Buckinghamshire, but could add £10 billion a year to the UK economy by 2050.

The hope is that this aligns with the Government’s forthcoming ‘Devolution White Paper’, which will pave the way for devolution bids across the country and Buckinghamshire wants to be in the vanguard of those areas who might benefit from devolution in the future.