Hazlemere Parish Council 2020/21 Objectives

1. Support local Coronavirus group(s), both with man power and grants/donations, where possible
2. Improve communication at all levels e.g Councillor, staff, social media etc
3. Action recommendations from the playground inspections reports
4. Action advice from coming out of the Coronavirus pandemic and adjust working practices accordingly
5. Reconsider an additional member of staff post Coronavirus
6. Progress the work on the tree survey for Hazlemere
7. Monitor the build of the Buckinghamshire Council Queensway cemetery to ensure no encroachment
8. Maintain services currently provided by Buckinghamshire Council and ensure that, where appropriate, these are maintained
9. Improve the quality of Hazlemere Recreation Ground’s land
10. Actively engage with the new Buckinghamshire Council community board to enable Hazlemere to benefit from the monies available and propose relevant Hazlemere projects
11. Complete the Highways projects from the Local Area Forum 2019/20
12. No new large capital expenditure projects are proposed
13. Consult Hazlemere residents on their priorities
14. Participate in Keep Hazlemere Tidy in September 2020

A Banham
07 07 20