Hazlemere Recreation Ground New Defibrillator

Published on Tue 20th February 2018 Parish Council, Community News

Hazlemere continues to lead the way as a safe place to live following the installation of another life-saving defibrillator at Hazlemere Recreation Ground. Available 24/7, the defibrillator is located close to the main entrance door at the Hazlemere Memorial Hall.The finance for this important project was provided by donations from the Trustees of the Hazlemere Memorial Hall CIO, Hazlemere Parish Council and Hazlemere Sports Association. Access to life-saving equipment was considered vital in such a large public area enjoyed by many local residents on a daily basis. This collaboration is a good example of how community groups can work together for the common good and achieve positive outcomes. The electrical installation work was carried out by local Hazlemere electrician, Steve Alaway of LiveWire.

Planned roadworks at Crossing Holmer Green Road near Eastern Dene

Published on Tue 20th February 2018 Parish Council, Community News

On the 26th of February Bucks County Council are planning to start refurbishment works to the Pedestrian Crossing on Holmer Green Road near Eastern Dene. This work will replace the life expired equipment with new traffic signals but the location of the crossing will remain the same. A temporary pedestrian crossing will be provided until the new traffic signals are complete which is expected to be before the 9 March 2018. Work will take place Monday to Friday between 0930 and 1530 hours and may require temporary traffic lights. The contractor has been instructed to maintain access for pedestrians, residents and visitors and we will make every effort to carry out this work with the minimum disturbance, however during this time if there are any delays I apologise for any inconvenience caused. The type of crossing here will change from a ‘Pelican’ to ‘Puffin’ type but will remain traffic signal controlled. If you should have any problems during these works please report it to the site staff, contact us online at or call 01296 382416. Yours faithfully Mark Stevens Traffic Signals Engineer

School crossing patrollers needed in Hazlemere

Published on Mon 19th February 2018 Parish Council

If you would like to help your local community, and enjoy the benefits of holiday pay, short, term time hours and the possibility of job sharing, why not become a school crossing patroller? Manor Farm Community Infant & Junior School on Rose Avenue, Hazlemere is in need of school crossing patrollers to ensure the children and parents have a pleasant and safe journey into school. Otherwise known as lollipop men or women, school crossing patrollers play an important role in ensuring our children cross our roads safely. No previous experience is necessary as you will be given full training – all you need is good health and a willingness to work outdoors. If you would like more information, take a look at our website, or contact us on 01494 586639/

Ongoing Parish Council Projects 2018

Published on Thu 15th February 2018 Parish Council, Community News

The following projects are currently as at 14 February 2018 being worked on by Hazlemere Parish Council:

Hazlemere Memorial Hall – Public Statement - January 2018

Published on Tue 13th February 2018 Parish Council, Community News

The Hazlemere Memorial Hall (HMH), situated at Hazlemere Recreation Ground, has been the subject of much discussion and debate in recent years. The decision taken by the previous Parish Council in 2015 to change the usage of the building and to grant a 25-year lease to a new Charitable Trust CIO tenant (the HMH CIO) attracted a lot of criticism from many Hazlemere residents.

Hazlemere and Holmer Green area, including Terriers Farm Reserve Site (HW7) and Land off Amersham Road (HW8)

Published on Tue 13th February 2018 Community News

The link below is to a topic paper in a series produced to accompany the Wycombe District Publication Draft Local Plan. It examines how WDC have approached transport matters within the Plan. Each topic paper looks at the relevant national and local guidance that informs the Publication Draft Local Plan. This paper explains how the approach to transport interventions has developed; the information, evidence and feedback that has informed the choices made in formulating the policies; it also sets out what we see as the key issues and how these have been resolved. The link is below:

Buckinghamshire County Council and your local NHS organisations have jointly developed a campaign 'Are you a good neighbour?' scheme

Published on Mon 29th January 2018 Community News

Many of us want to help our elderly or frail neighbours but we may not always be sure how to go about it, or even whether it’s appropriate. After all, no one wants to seem nosy or interfering, but a few simple steps can make a world of difference to someone who may be reluctant to ask for help themselves. Buckinghamshire County Council and your local NHS organisations have jointly developed a campaign, “Be a Good Neighbour”, to show people easy ways in which they can help and now we would like to ask for your help in promoting the campaign.

New Play Ground Equipment for Rose Avenue Recreation Ground

Published on Fri 26th January 2018 Parish Council, Community News

Following the consultation, the Parish Council is delighted to announce the start of the installation of the new play equipment in Rose Avenue from 29 January 2018, hopefully it will be fully installed ready for the half term holidays.

McCarthy & Stone Parking Restriction Request for Beaumont Way

Published on Mon 22nd January 2018 Community News

Please find an email below from the above developer, please reply directly to McCarthy & Stone coping in Bucks County Council ( and Hazlemere Parish Council ( : "Please find the attached letter which we will be posting to local residents today. Which explains the problems incurred to date and our proposal to mitigate the impact of the TTRO on the local parking. I have copied in the contact details of people that have made representation to you that you kindly forwarded on, If I have missed anybody I apologise but I am sure the letter drop will get to all interested parties. Should you have any comments please feel free to contact me. Regards Geoff Cole Pre-Contracts Manager Prospect Place, 85 Great North Road, Hatfield, AL9 5DA t: 01707 446000"

Bucks County Council Pothole Reporting

Published on Wed 17th January 2018 Parish Council, Community News

This winter’s weather has been tough on Buckinghamshire’s roads – while the heavy snowfall in December was the most remarkable weather event, the worst conditions for roads are actually when the ground temperature fluctuates constantly between just above and just below zero. Pothole formation is accelerated by this ‘freeze-thaw’ effect, whereby moisture gets into small cracks in the the road surface and expands when it freezes, then thaws out when the temperature rises. This process repeats until the road surface begins to break up and potholes are formed.