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Hazlemere Climate Change Working Party (CEWP)

Hazlemere Parish Council has declared a climate emergency and has set up a Climate Emergency Working Party (CEWP). Please explore the side toolbar for more information on the range of projects we are running, with help from volunteers in the community.

In February 2020 Hazlemere Parish Council declared a climate emergency, set a net zero 2030 target and set up a working party to consist of local residents and Parish Councillors. The Working Party, under Chairmanship of Parish Councillor Ed Gemmell, meets three to four times a month to work on a variety of climate and environment related projects and to discuss the strategy for reaching net zero 2030 and further projects that should be undertaken locally. More information of the current projects can be read about in detail by navigating through the toolbar on the left.  If you have particular expertise relevant to any areas, would like to register as a volunteer for all climate/biodiversity projects or a specific initiative then please get in touch with us as we need help on all projects.

If you are young person we would love to welcome you to join the Youth Group.

Further Climate Emergency Work

The Hazlemere CEWP is made up entirely of volunteers and we need your help to launch more climate emergency projects. Please offer your expertise and/or your time to help us get Hazlemere to net zero and revive our local biodiversity.

 Among the projects we would like to launch are the following:

  1. 2030 Net Zero Plan for Hazlemere
  2. Local Transport programme car clubs, cycling, EV charging points etc.
  3. Community food growing scheme
  4. Parish litter reduction
  5. Thing Library and repair hub
  6. Food waste reduction/food education
  7. Plastic and packaging reduction

 To offer your help with any of these please email climate@hazlemereparish.org.uk.



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