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Climate Emergency Working Party - Food Waste Talk

Join us for a Food Waste talk on 7 June, 6pm with speakers Tejal Lovelock and Rebecca Nutley.

FOOD WASTE TALK Monday 7 June at 6pm.
Please join us for free online on Monday for number 12 in the series of Hazlemere Climate Talks.
What is Food Waste? Why it’s important in terms of Climate Change? How can I not waste food?
Free to attend talk will be given by two speakers: Tejal Lovelock, a public health nutritionist, working with the ‘Sustain’ alliance for better food and farming; and Rebecca Nutley, Community Engagement Officer at ‘Feedback’ working to regenerate nature by transforming our food system
It is free to register at Eventbrite
Or feel free to email Ed on ed@gemmell.info for the link